KingsBridge BCP’s Shield software makes the daunting task of writing and housing your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) easy. With this simple and straightforward software, you can build and maintain your plan without the worries of version control, access, and plan navigation that are inherent with hard copies. Some benefits of using Shield for your BCP, namely Business Continuity Plan templates are listed here:

Take advantage of Business Continuity Plan templates

KingsBridge Shield comes straight out of the box with built in team- (or department-) based templates. This means that you don’t have to write your plan from scratch! You already have a baseline plan that you can modify to suit your business’s needs. Shield’s Business Continuity Plan templates include:

  • over 35 teams with custom content for you to choose from
  • full introduction and Policy section
  • a guide that describes when to activate your plan
  • tips on plan maintenance, exercising, employee training, and audits
  • a complete Pandemic plan

Host your BCP outside of your network

Having a BCP is key, but you need to be able to get to it in order to use it. If your BCP is hosted on your network and you have an outage, you won’t have your plan to help you recover. KingsBridge Shield allows you to host your entire plan outside of your network. You have access to what you need 24/7, 365 days a year. As part of this service we include free access to mobile apps that will store your plan for you, offline. Our apps are available for iOS, Android, and even Blackberry devices.

Customize user access

You set the rules for who has access to your plan. Shield allows you to have Read Only, Read Write, Administrator, and Auditor access levels for each of your users. The different levels of access allow you to control who can see or edit different sections of your plan. The number of users available is linked directly to the software package you choose (Silver, Gold, or Platinum).

Everything is in one place

Building a BCP is not just about writing out the steps your business will take to recover. There are also Threat Risk Assessments (TRA) and Business Impact Analyses (BIA) to complete that will be the baseline information to help you write your plan. KingsBridge Shield has built-in TRA and BIA tools (in Silver, Gold and Platinum packages) that allow you to integrate your plan development with the final response steps. All of your BCP-related work is kept safe and sound with the plan itself.

Shield also allows your BCP to include direct hyperlinks to websites, documents and contact information that are key to business recovery. It includes document storage, access to data tables, and other cool features that keep all of your recovery information in a centralized location.

Plan navigation is simple

BCPs contain a lot of information. While all of it is useful, when the time comes to respond there is specific information that your teams need at their fingertips. With Shield’s user permissions, you control just how much (or how little) of the BCP your users see. By default each user only sees the information they need to respond to an incident. When you control what your users see, it is much easier for them to navigate the plan and get the information they need, when they need it.

Easy to maintain

Shield allows you to easily edit plan content, change team membership, and update data tables at the click of a button. And, with the “Last Modified” feature, you can see which user made the last change to each section of the plan, and when.

Experiencing a disaster is stressful enough; planning for one shouldn’t be. Take advantage of the tools and resources that are available to you. All of the advantages we built into Shield are just one more way that KingsBridge Is Simple and Secure (K.I.S.S.) for your business.

About KingsBridge

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