BlackFriday is here!


Welcome to this weeks #FreeBCPFriday blog post!  We are going to be a little different for the month of November, this post is kicking off our #BlackFriday promotion!  From now (Nov 6th) until Nov 27th @ 11:59PM (eastern), we are putting a 25% discount on any new purchases (or upgrades) of Shield for the first year!

Interested? Read on…

November is more than football…

November is going to be a busy month!  There are Elections, NFL football specials and Thanksgiving…  Which means November ALSO has #BLACKFRIDAY!  To help you ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos this year, we’ve decided to give a discount to you if you purchase Shield (or an upgrade) before the end of Nov 27th.

You’ve got 4 weeks before BlackFriday…

If you can’t schedule a demo of Shield with us between now and Nov 27th, why don’t you try our Shield – FREE Edition to get a feeling for how Shield works?  If you’ve been using our FREE Edition and you want to unlock some of the more powerful features, read Why Shield Gold page to give you an idea of some of the excellent featured that Shield uses to make your BCP easier!

Shield - FREE Edition

Our single goal for (promise to) you

KingsBridge has (and has always had) a single goal.  That goal is to get your business ready for any and all chaos.  Shield is there to give you a place to put the information you’ll need access to at any (unexpected or unplanned for) incident.  In plain words: “#ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos” It is more than just a tagline or hashtag, it is our promise to you.

About KingsBridge

KingsBridgeBCP offers businesses of all sizes BCP Software Solutions and industry know how based on best practices.  From a FREE Edition to a Platinum Edition  there is a Shield for everyone. Our software packages meet the wide range of our customers’ needs, ensuring we deliver the best value in every project. To learn more about KingsBridge click here.