BlackFriday week 3 is here!

Welcome to this weeks #FreeBCPFriday #BlackFriday week 3 blog post!  In case you missed last week’s post, from now until Nov 27th @ 11:59PM (eastern), we are putting a 25% discount on any new purchases (or upgrades) of Shield!

Don’t let the weeks slip away…

To learn how Shield works, try it for yourself by signing up for Shield – FREE Edition!  If you are pressed for time and want to know what Shield will offer you, watch the 6 minute video to get a quick overview of how Shield makes your BCP easier!

Shield - FREE Edition

Our single goal for (promise to) you

KingsBridge has (and has always had) a single goal.  That goal is to get your business ready for any and all chaos.  Shield is there to give you a place to put the information you’ll need access to at any (unexpected or unplanned for) incident.  In plain words: “#ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos” It is more than just a tagline or hashtag, it is our promise to you.

About KingsBridge

KingsBridgeBCP offers businesses of all sizes BCP Software Solutions and industry know how based on best practices.  From a FREE Edition to a Platinum Edition  there is a Shield for everyone. Our software packages meet the wide range of our customers’ needs, ensuring we deliver the best value in every project. To learn more about KingsBridge click here.