Core Values

Core values are just that…. values that you hold at the core of everything you do.  At KingsBridge, our fundamental core value is to keep BCP Simple and Straightforward. As a result, the feedback we get for SHIELD and BEAM is it looks “simple” and “straightforward”.  We are ecstatic when we hear that, as it means our software reflects our core value. In Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, getting your business back on its feet can get a little complicated.  You need a notification solution that is “simple” and “straightforward”.

Welcome to KingsBridge’s BEAM directed notification solution.  It takes the process of notifying one person, three people or your entire company and refines it to directed notification. BEAM is completely integrated into KingsBridge’s SHIELD planning tool, keeping the same core values.

Simple & Straightforward

“BEAM ensures your team has the communication to respond to any incident while maintaining simplicity.” says KingsBridge Co-Founder Jason McCormack.

Skip Williams adds, “We’ve added functionality to address the needs of our clients.  Message templates, individual message status, message replies and opt-in/opt-out.  All while streamlining the process of sending a notification.”

These features add to the existing BEAM functions of directed emails, directed SMS texts and conference calls to your team or company.  BEAM initiates a ZipBridge conference call which proactively calls each attendee.  No more sending cryptic conference details hoping that everyone got the message and can figure out how to join.  With BEAM and ZipBridge, you can be confident that when the attendee receives the message, they’ll be able to get on the conference bridge without any confusion.

KingsBridge has been delivering BCP solutions since 1983 and has the experience to know that keeping true to your core values is critical to a successful recovery.  “Keep It Simple and Straightforward” is a core value in many facets of life, it’s time this core value came to Business Continuity Planning through KingsBridge.