Get your Vendor BCP Questions here!

How are you doing with your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?  Don’t worry, we’ve put our experience to good use and have put together a list of Vendor BCP Questions!  Even if your BCP is complete and “ready to go”, this list gives you a series of questions you should use when contacting your vendors about their BCP.

This list gives you a good barometer to measure your vendor’s BCP before you accept it as reasonable.  If you feel that their BCP needs a 3rd party review go to our services to see how KingsBridge can help.  We’ve been building BCPs since 1983, so our services are well proven and successful.  Complete the form below and you’ll be getting access to the Vendor BCP Questions!!

Please note if you don’t give us a real address, you won’t receive a copy of the questions.