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COVID-19 is ravaging your business, it is ravaging customers and is ravaging your family life.

While business continuity planning was important before, it is now playing a much bigger role in your day to day, eating away at the precious hours you have to devote to it.  Maybe it’s time to get some help but how do you know what kind of help you need?  You’ve kicked some tires with consultants and you’ve taken some demos with software providers but you aren’t 100% sold.  You really want an impartial discussion to help you determine what you need.

Welcome to KingsBridge’s “Turbocharge your BCP” webinar!  We’ve been both BCP consultants and software providers for over 35 years.  In this webinar, we discuss the merits and the pitfalls of software and various services so that you can decide what will work best for your business, your requirements and your budget.

Our goal is to deliver the information you need to identify the best solution for you (which may mean no solution at all).

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