BCP Academy

Welcome to the KingsBridge BCP Academy 101 class!  As with all “101” classes, this class will take you through the basics of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and will give you an insight into some of the experience we’ve gained since 1983.  Throughout the class, we’ll give you a good balance of best practices, industry guidelines and real world experience.

A quick refresher on how the BCP Academy 101 classes work.

  • There are 14 classes, each has its own test (3 multiple choice questions) at the end.  You must complete the class before moving on to the next one.
  • Each class has a PDF that goes into more detail than the audio does.  Don’t worry, each PDF is only one page!
  • When you’ve completed the 14 classes (at your own pace), send us a notification that you’ve completed the class (direct email us or click the link after the 14th test).  We’ll email you an exam for you to complete.
  • Once you have successfully passed the exam, we’ll email you a certificate of excellence from KingsBridge BCP Academy 101!

Sound interesting? Sign up for BCP Academy 101 class and see how to make your BCP Simple & Secure!