Assessing BCM Capability Maturity – WorkShop


Betsy Sayers, an MBCP with over 25 years’ experience in BCM, IT/DR and Municipal Emergency Management is wowing audiences with her Ask Betsy BCP! sessions.

Brought to you by KingsBridge BCP this workshop is all about giving you the tools and skills needed to conduct a self-assessment of your company’s BCM capability and provide your C-Suite with a dashboard report. After all, as Ask Betsy BCP! says, “You can’t know how resilient you are if you don’t measure it.”

The Ask Betsy BCP! Capability Maturity Model is a ‘self-assessment questionnaire’ (NOT AN AUDIT!) applying the 10 DRII Professional Practices to the 5 Carnegie Mellon University capability maturity phases and creating a dashboard report based on credible and defendable input from business service units.

3 things attendees will take away from this session are:

  • Knowledge of Capability Maturity Modelling (CMM) and how it can help you achieve success;
  • A sample BCM Capability Maturity questionnaire and scorecard template
  • A self-assessment CMM questionnaire you complete during the workshop

The workshop is comprised of the following four segments:

  1. History and theory behind Capability Maturity Modelling
  2. The Ask Betsy BCP! Approach
  3. A facilitated session to complete a draft assessment of your organization
  4. Ask Betsy BCP! question and answer session – feel free to submit questions with respect to the CMM workshop or any BCM topic via the form below or via email at

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