AskBetsyBCPAsk Betsy BCP is a resource that everyone in the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) field should read.  It is from Betsy Sayers who is a former instructor with DRII and DRI Canada (for more than 23 years).  Betsy has “been there, done that” in BCP and has a T-shirt for every BCP situation you can imagine.  The Ask Betsy BCP resource section is geared towards her giving back to the community that she loves so dearly.  In this section, you will find all sorts of resources, templates and the ability to ask her questions directly!  Betsy isn’t shy, so feel free to ask her anything BC/DR related and she’ll respond back with a clear, concise and direct solution/opinion to your problem.

There are three categories of what Ask Betsy BCP will be sharing over time; LEARNING, QUESTIONS & ANSWERS and RESOURCES each will have a specific goal in mind.  Let’s see what each includes.


Learning is all about learning from our mistakes.  This section will have nuggets of information from past incidents that we can all learn from and Betsy will add her experience to each of the included sections.


Pretty much as the title says.  Ask Betsy a BCP question and she’ll answer it for you.  There are 15 Questions here and many in the hopper.  Don’t be shy, add yours and Ask Betsy BCP will get them answered!


Within Resources you’ll find worksheets, documents and all sorts of odds and ends to make your response a little easier, a little faster and a little better tuned for the next incident.  The one constant in the universe, incidents never stop, the learning what worked (and didn’t) continues and the fine tuning that can be done to your plan is always evolving.

We (KingsBridge and Betsy) hope you find this information useful.  If you have anything that you would like to add, please fill out the form below and Ask Betsy BCP will review your suggestion(s).  We can’t guarantee it will make the cut, we can be sure it will be taken into consideration and pieces of it might make her page.




BCM Capability Maturity (video and Word file)

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