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Are you dealing with pushback on your BCP?  Our “5 Major Pain Points” webinar will help you deal with some common pain points that we hear frequently.  As a bonus, we teams up with ComplyALIGN to bring their solutions to common problems when creating your Policy & Procedure documents.

This webinar will give you some insight to the problems that others are facing, so you’ll know that you aren’t alone, and you’ll see how they can be dealt with to pave the way to a Simple & Straightforward BCP.  In addition to the BCP angle, you can learn about organizing and securing your Policy & Procedure documents in a manner that is repeatable and organized.  Making updates a task that isn’t such a daunting (frequently ignored) task.

Join us for Simple & Straightforward perspectives, real-world experiences, industry best practices and practical takeaways to kick start or streamline your BCP and P&P.

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