One of the struggles we see on a regular basis is how to know if your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is actually in good shape. When was the last time a specific section in your plan was updated? How often are your users logging in to review the content? And is there a summary of all of this information in one place? Wonder no more! KingsBridge has added an Analytics component to our Shield software to help you answer these questions.


Length of Time Since Revision

First, Analytics allows users to see a snapshot of how much content in the plan is out of date. You can choose to review all sections of the plan, or Team Response Only. Information is presented in both pie chart and bar chart format, so you have a nice visual summary of when content was last updated. And, if you want to delve into the specifics, you can click on any of the sections in the chart. A detailed list of all sections in the plan that fall under that category will appear at the bottom of your screen.

User Logins

In addition, you can see when user groups last logged in to the plan. By clicking on any particular group, detailed information about each user that has logged in is available below the graph. Administrators can also see how much time users are spending in Shield. The amount of time spent helps determine if the content is being read thoroughly, or if it is being skimmed.


Administrator Support

Monitoring all of these trends provides valuable insight into the plan maintenance process. Administrators have the information they need at their fingertips, and can make adjustments to the plan maintenance schedule as needed. And if help is needed, they can assign any user access to the Analytics component. The responsibility for maintaining the BCP is then disseminated across the organization.

The idea of adding an Analytics component has been around for a while, yet it was KingsBridge’s users that helped to drive the final push to get this implemented. In an effort to ensure Shield follows the K.I.S.S. principles, KingsBridge worked hard with a core group of users to ensure each advancement remained Simple & Straightforward.


About KingsBridgeBCP

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