BEAM’s Core Values

Use Beam Notification

Core Values Core values are just that…. values that you hold at the core of everything you do.  At KingsBridge, our fundamental core value is to keep BCP Simple and Straightforward. As a result, the feedback we get for SHIELD and BEAM is it looks “simple” and “straightforward”.  We are ecstatic when we hear that, as […]

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Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Phoenix

Dbvisit Oracle Standby

NOTE TO READER: KingsBridge and Dbvisit have entered into a partnership with guest posts going to each others blog.  This post is from Chris Lawless, VP of Product Management.   I arrived in Phoenix in a bit of a haze having just come from India. I was here for the DRJ Fall conference. This was my first […]

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Increase your Business Continuity Profile

Business Continuity profile

Business Continuity Profile It’s one thing to have a business continuity plan, but it’s another to make sure your staff know about it.  Those involved in writing the plan and the core members of recovery teams are likely aware of the plan.  This is great, but what about everyone else in the organization?  When bad […]

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Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) in Business Continuity

Active Directory SSO BCP

When we head to client sites, we listen for the key words Active Directory. This part of IT infrastructure can be a blessing for every day functionality. It can also fall apart dramatically during an incident. Before we get to the implications of what might happen if it goes down, let’s give a general explanation […]

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Build your uptime to support your business


In May 2009, Google suffered a service outage that led to worldwide Internet slowdowns and left millions with limited or no access to critical business functions like email.  The real story, though, is not the outage, but why a company controlling almost two-thirds of the world’s Internet search traffic didn’t have a better disaster plan […]

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