KingsBridge is Business Continuity Planning

We build, manage and maintain your plans to keep your business successful.

Let us focus on the planning, so you can focus on your business.

KingsBridge Is Simple and Straightforward (K.I.S.S.) and it has been our sole focus since 1983!  Your business should be your primary focus, so let us worry about your Business Continuity Planning.  In addition to your plan being ready for what it faces, let us makes sure the process is Simple and Straightforward.

Not 100% sure what a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is? To keep it Simple and Straightforward “If you come to work tomorrow and your building is closed (water/gas leak, snow load collapse, fire, power failure, etc.), your BCP is your resource to know who your customers and suppliers are and how to reach out to them about the problem”.


Want to write your own plan?  Don’t worry, KingsBridge SHIELD will step you through the BCP building process.  SHIELD combines the latest BCP industry standards with the latest technology used by Software as a Service (SaaS) to ensure your plan is easy to build, manage and maintain.  Watch this quick video to better understand how SHIELD can make your planning better.


Don’t have the time or resources to write your own BCP?  We can write your plan!  We can guide you through the planning of your project or we can completely build your BCP for you.  Led by the 2014 BCI Consultant of the Year, KingsBridge will gel your business knowledge with our experience. We write your plan and present it in SHIELD to ensure your team always has what they need when they need it.  Learn more about what we can do for you here.

What is Business Continuity and how does KingsBridge fit in?

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